Needle Localization

Available at Red Bank

What is needle localization?

The purpose of this procedure is to help your breast surgeon pinpoint the correct area in your breast prior to your lumpectomy. This is done by placing a small wire at the point of the abnormality. Mammogram pictures will be taken to confirm the location of the suspected abnormality. The area of localization is cleansed.

In most cases, a local anesthetic will be used. This will be done with a very tiny needle, and you may feel a slight sting in your breast. The physician will then insert another needle. A mammogram will be taken to check position of the needle tip. If the needle is not at the lesion, the needle will be repositioned and the imaging process repeated. The needle will be removed or replaced with a wire, and you will be taken to surgery for your lumpectomy. Your exam will take approximately 30 minutes.