Thank you for your patience as make a thorough review of each game before certifying results. Congratulations to our winners and especially Sri V Bondalapati for being the 21st Annual Queen City Classic Champion! We will see you all next year!

Final Standings (posted as they become available)

1 Non-Rated
2 Non-Rated 
3 Non-Rated
4 Non-Rated
5 Non-Rated
6 Non-Rated
7-12 Combined Non-Rated
Rated K-3 Open
Rated 4-6 < 800
Rated 4-6 Open
Rated 7-9 Open
Rated K-12 Open

Team K-1 Non-rated
Team Grade 2 Non-rated
Team Grade 3 Non-rated
Team Grade 4 Non-rated
Team Grade 5 Non-rated
Team Grade 6 Non-rated
Team Grade 7-12 Combined Non-rated
Team Grades K-3 Open
Team Grades 4-6 >800
Team Grades 4-6 Open
Team Grades 7-9 Open
Team Grades k-12 Open

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