Player List

Player FirstPlayer LastGradeSectionTeam Name
AbirajRoy9Rated 7-9 OpenOlentangy High School
MehmetYilanliKRated K-3 OpenCCL
ZacharyIsaacs7Rated 7-9 OpenCarroll County Middle School
MasonRoberts6Rated 4-6 OpenCarroll County Middle School
CoreyBrandon7Rated 7-9 OpenCarroll County Middle School
NikhilHopkinson-Jain8Rated 7-9 OpenSt Peter School
BentleyBrandon8Rated 7-9 OpenCarroll County Middle School
HenryWolfe3Rated K-3 OpenCCL
MikeyMangino8Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSpringer
JaxonRouton5Rated 4-6 < 800Carroll County Middle School
AmaraSlater2Grade 2 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
AadhiAdaikappan3Rated K-3 OpenCCL
AnbuAdaikappan6Rated 4-6 OpenCCL
KateYouderian2Grade 2 Non-ratedXavier Montessori Lab School
DavidYouderianKGrade K Non-ratedXavier Montessori Lab School
MuradAli7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
AdamAlsassie4Grade 4 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
SadiqJennings5Rated 4-6 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
TitusBosse3Rated K-3 OpenThunder Chess Academy
KarlVilski10Grades 10-12 Non-ratedWalnut Hills High School
BlakeEwing4Grade 4 Non-ratedSpringer School
LucianoKirkland5Grade 5 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
TerryDurbin4Grade 4 Non-ratedJohnson Elementary
ChaseHarris10Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
WallaceHarris10Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
TrevorHwang7Rated 7-9 OpenMars Hill Academy
LandonGeiman7Rated 7-9 OpenCovington Latin
JulianInscho7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedDominion M.S.
RyanThompson9Rated 7-9 OpenThe West Louisville Chess Club
ElijahTeague8Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt. Peter
BenjaminTeague11Grades 10-12 Non-ratedChaminade Julienne
AkhileshSasikumar6Rated 4-6 OpenCCL
RowanMitchell8Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt. Susanna
RithikDulipyata5Grade 5 Non-ratedHeritage Elementary
ShreemayiAnandheri Kandadai8Rated 7-9 OpenCincinnati Chess Club
SrihariAnandheri Kandadai6Rated K-12 OpenCincinnati Chess Club
JacobNoschang7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt. Susanna
LincolnKnox5Grade 5 Non-ratedSt Joseph Cold Spring
LillyLutz7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
GabeWatkins7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSaint Ignatius
AshwinPrabhu4Rated K-12 OpenCincinnati Chess Club
SidharthSureshkumar5Rated K-12 OpenCincinnati Chess Club
ManoghnaKolli10Rated K-12 OpenBerlin HIgh School
PranithKolli10Rated K-12 OpenBerlin HIgh School
LucasBernecker6Grade 6 Non-ratedSaint Susanna
LeoBush3Rated K-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
RyanTruax4Rated 4-6 < 800Cincinnati Classical Academy
ZenetraBourgeois7Rated 7-9 OpenBates
KeenanSchell12Grades 10-12 Non-ratedSt. Xavier High School
RowanSchell6Grade 6 Non-ratedSpringer School
ArzunKota4Rated 4-6 < 800Symmes Elementry School
BenNaylor8Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt. Susanna
GrantNoltemeyer5Rated 4-6 < 800Kramer Elementary
JasperRobbins3Grade 3 Non-ratedSpencer Center
AahanKole8Rated 7-9 OpenMason Middle School
ShivSrinivasan5Rated 4-6 OpenCCL
WindsorPolk4Rated 4-6 < 800Bates Academy
TerryTurner5Grade 5 Non-ratedCarroll County Middle School
DylanLemaster6Grade 6 Non-ratedCarroll County Middle School
LiamEdgerton6Grade 6 Non-ratedCarroll County Middle School
JoshuelSamuel3Rated K-3 OpenLiberty Bible Academy
RidhamSihra4Rated 4-6 OpenBrookfield Elementary
WeifanZheng4Rated 4-6 < 800New Albany Plain Local
CharlieHertsenbergKGrade K Non-ratedSt. Andrew
ArnavKodkani8Rated K-12 OpenCincinnati Chess Club
VihaanJoshi8Rated 7-9 OpenSycamore Junior HIgh
VedJoshi2Rated K-3 OpenSymmes Elementry School
MasonSchmitz3Grade 3 Non-ratedJohnson Elementary
RashadThompson5Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
SavannahBurgess4Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
KennedyBurgess2Rated K-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
DonovanGee5Rated 4-6 OpenThe West Louisville Chess Club
LorenzoSimms5Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
MarcusPatton Jr.KGrade K Non-ratedThe Super Saturday Knights
ReeceMontgomery6Grade 6 Non-ratedSt. Dominic
OscarKenny5Grade 5 Non-ratedThe Super Saturday Knights
AndrewWahi10Rated K-12 OpenThe School at Marygrove
AkennaNikundiwe10Rated K-12 OpenThe School at Marygrove
VihaanSonukale3Grade 3 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
KrishivSonukale1Grade 1 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
RamGandhi2Rated K-3 OpenNew Haven Elementary School
MaxwellLove2Rated K-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
AravSathish2Rated K-3 OpenMason Early Childhood Center
ElorenceBarker8Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
TyRoneMartin8Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
KyrynLewis7Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
JaxsonChildress7Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
DarianOlinger7Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
SarahCummins7Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
StormyBuchanan7Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
TraceOtis7Grade 7-9 Non-ratedR to D2 Rooks
AshtonPatrick6Grade 6 Non-ratedHighview Knights
MilesMays6Grade 6 Non-ratedHighview Knights
JerielRodriguez6Grade 6 Non-ratedHighview Knights
StarrMelson6Grade 6 Non-ratedHighview Knights
JonathanRoth6Grade 6 Non-ratedHighview Knights
NatalieTrue6Grade 6 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
LeviMyers5Grade 5 Non-ratedJohnson Elementary
LukeMcMonigle6Grade 6 Non-ratedSherwood Elementary
KaisonZhu1Grade 1 Non-ratedCCL
BenjaminStevens4Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
ColeNieter4Grade 4 Non-ratedKilgour Elementary
KalebWilson5Grade 5 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
JasmineMcGhee3Rated K-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
JeremiahMcGheeKGrade K Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
AlexEdwards5Grade 5 Non-ratedCincinnati Classical Academy
CjHonkomp5Grade 5 Non-ratedSt. Susanna
VihaanMummidi4Grade 4 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
EdisonJones5Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
SamuelCannon3Rated K-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
AgastyaGautam3Rated K-3 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
NihalKandula5Rated 4-6 OpenEH Greene Intermediate School
AshvikKandula2Rated K-3 OpenMontgomery Elementary School
JohnBruns9Grades 7-9 Non-ratedMoeller HIgh School
AyushRoy7Rated 7-9 OpenBexley Middle School
NathanWuest10Grades 10-12 Non-ratedElder
NormanRosner-Camealy5Grade 5 Non-ratedBerry Intermediate School
ElijahSaunders7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt. Cecilia
Henri AsherHarmon3Rated K-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
Alexander EmeryHarmonKGrade K Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
MarcusAskew2Rated K-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
ColinPark8Rated 7-9 OpenCCL
ZhuoDiao7Rated 7-9 OpenHastings Middle School
JasmineDriscoll5Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
PrathamJegga6Rated 4-6 OpenMagnus Chess Academy
KamrenEllis12Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
FoxxWilliams9Rated 7-9 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
KhariWilliams5Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
TaylorP3Grade 3 Non-ratedSt. Ignatius of Loyola
NamanUpadhayay3Rated K-3 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
RishikShukla7Rated 7-9 OpenMason Middle School
ReyanshShukla4Rated 4-6 < 800Mason Elementary School
AdvikKumar3Rated K-12 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
EliasRechel8Grades 7-9 Non-ratedThe Super Saturday Knights
PenelopeSacks2Grade 2 Non-ratedHorace Mann School
JonathanByrum11Grades 10-12 Non-ratedMcNicholas High School
AaryaBorkar4Rated 4-6 < 800Rk Chess Gurukul
JihalShah6Rated 4-6 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
MasonWilliams5Grade 5 Non-ratedSt. Dominic
SamuelDwyer6Rated 4-6 OpenCincinnati Classical Academy
KendrickSteele7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt. Therese
BoBottenhorn7Rated 7-9 OpenThunder Chess Academy
GokulSenthilkumar8Rated 7-9 OpenMason Middle School
HetPatel6Rated 4-6 OpenCCL
NormanRay8Rated 7-9 OpenColerain
WilliamRay5Grade 5 Non-ratedColerain
JonathanHayes1Grade 1 Non-ratedThe Super Saturday Knights
VedanthReddy7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
FinnBeilfuss6Grade 6 Non-ratedSherwood Elementary
BenjaminWalker6Grade 6 Non-ratedSherwood Elementary
KyleCook6Rated 4-6 < 800Thunder Chess Academy
DenimMcCOY5Grade 5 Non-ratedChrysler Elementary
WilliamRiddle4Grade 4 Non-ratedThunder Chess Academy
JoeKruessel3Grade 3 Non-ratedSt. Dominic
AshishKothapalli7Rated 7-9 OpenMason Middle School
DominicSchubert5Grade 5 Non-ratedCincinnati Classical Academy
John PaulSchubert3Grade 3 Non-ratedCincinnati Classical Academy
MesaiEllison5Grade 5 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
PrathameshJoshi8Rated 7-9 OpenMason Middle School
NateBlair11Grades 10-12 Non-ratedBlair Christain Academy
KentSokolis7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt. Dominic
WesleyYoung5Grade 5 Non-ratedSt. Joseph Cold Spring
RaymondBruns9Grades 7-9 Non-ratedMoeller HIgh School
DylanCooksey3Rated k-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
MatthewBuffett5Grade 5 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
TheodoreMattsom3Grade 3 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
RydenBarrows4Grade 4 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
KaitlinSchoenberger5Grade 5 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
JonathanGuy4Grade 4 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
AnthonyGuy5Grade 5 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
JosephineLecher3Grade 3 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
CharlesJones3Grade 3 Non-ratedMonfort Heights Elementary
RahvaeSheffield6Grade 6 Non-ratedMt.Airy
CasonFord6Grade 6 Non-ratedMt.Airy
JudithReed5Grade 5 Non-ratedMt. Airy
JonathanLopez-Coronado5Grade 5 Non-ratedMt. Airy
D’EriusCooper5Grade 4 Non-ratedMt. Airy
NoahWallen4Grade 4 Non-ratedMt.Airy
LaDariusGray4Grade 4 Non-ratedMt. Airy
JanakiMangar4Grade 4 Non-ratedMt.Airy
UriyahYisrael4Grade 4 Non-ratedMt.Airy
ModiboSacko4Grade 4 Non-ratedMt.Airy
Da’vonJackson4Grade 4 Non-ratedMt.Airy
DaliaBoone5Rated 4-6 < 800Detroit City Chess Club
KesavSatyavolu5Grade 5 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
HrithviGanesh5Grade 5 Non-ratedAkalaivan Academy
DhanvikaBoopathy3Grade 3 Non-ratedBlue Ash Elementary
AnjanaKota5Grade 5 Non-ratedSycamore (EH Greene)
OliviaCorbin4Grade 4 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
OnikaRyan5Grade 5 Non-ratedDetroit City Chess Club
MadeleineFrancis Hicks7Grade 7-9 OpenThe Super Saturday Knights
DaksshvanthBalaji1Grade 1 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
ChinmayTak6Rated 4-6 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
GowthamShankarlingam10Rated K-12 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
SnigdaNekkanti2Grade 2 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
EdwardStein4Rated 4-6 < 800Good Shepherd Montessori
WalterSteinKRated k-3 OpenCincinnati Nature Center
Charvik SapthagiriBachu3Rated k-3 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
HunterPhirman5Grade 5 Non-ratedSt. Joseph Cold Spring
AnishSathyanarayanan6Grade 6 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
AbhiramMandapati2Grade 2 Non-ratedRk Chess Gurukul
SoumavoSur5Rated 4-6 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
DillonBaldwin10Grades 10-12 Non-ratedThe Super Saturday Knights
ArmariHoward10Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
HarperJackson12Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
DavidErisman5Grade 5 Non-ratedSpencer Center
MaryGoins4Grade 4 Non-ratedSt. Dominic
GeorgeGoins6Grade 6 Non-ratedSt. Dominic
AlexGuo4Grade 4-6 OpenMason Elementary School
SamrajNayak7Rated K-12 OpenMeyzeek Middle School
VihaanMultani3Rated k-3 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
RaghavSaxena2Rated k-3 OpenMason Early Childhood Center
KeyonKidd6Rated 4-6 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
JaydenMoore5Rated 4-6 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
SidneyMoore4Rated 4-6 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
EthanShi4Rated 4-6 < 800Indian Hill Elementary
DheerajDurai5Rated 4-6 openRk Chess Gurukul
JonathanCole8Rated 7-9 OpenCCL
CalebMcKeon7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedSt Dominic
IanLiKGrade K Non-ratedThunder Chess Academy
DeanPalmer7Rated 7-9 OpenJ of D Jesuit
EdwardPalmer Jr.5Rated 4-6 < 800Edmonson Montessori
OwenWang1Grade 1 Non-ratedThunder Chess Academy
TitusPalmer1Rated k-3 OpenEdmonson Montessori
MekhiHoward6Rated K-12 OpenBunche
JaxsonEaster7Grades 7-9 Non-ratedReading JR/SR School
DelanoGreen8Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
AlfredSheffield7Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
JordanRobinson6Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
AlisaSheffield7Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
AvadhootDhole8Rated 7-9 OpenSycamore Junior HIgh
ThomasZhu4Rated 4-6 openThunder Chess Academy
AdwaitDhole3Rated k-3 OpenBlue Ash Elementary
WarrenZhu2Rated k-3 OpenMason Early Childhood Center
AnthonyMorgan5Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
KymoniBrown5Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
SwayamPrapulla2Rated k-3 OpenRk Chess Gurukul
RhysCordell5Grade 5 Non-ratedJones Chess Academy
OwenCordell5Grade 5 Non-ratedJones Chess Academy
MakailaGafford4Rated 4-6 < 800Bates Academy
DylanKey6Rated 4-6 openDetroit City Chess Club
KarthikChalla7Rated 7-9 OpenNone
NathanielHua1Grade 1 Non-ratedThunder Chess Academy
SukrantPerla3Grade 3 Non-ratedCheshire Academy
PrathyunDhanapalraj6Grade 6 Non-ratedMEYZEEK MIDDLE SCHOOL
DrewMeyer8Grades 7-9 Non-ratedOur Lady of Visitation
AbhinavPullabhotla10Rated K-12 OpenCincinnati Chess Club
AdityaPullabhotla6Rated 4-6 openMason Intermediate School
NathanKing2Rated k-3 OpenThunder Chess Academy
ConnorLink9Grades 7-9 Non-ratedLakota East Freshman Campus
OmChatterjee5Rated 4-6 openCCL
Arjun LakshmananValathappan4Rated 4-6 openMason Elementary School
JakeKramer9Grades 7-9 Non-ratedThe Pawn Exchangers
JacksonEilers9Grades 7-9 Non-ratedThe Pawn Exchangers
BenKunkler9Grades 7-9 Non-ratedThe Pawn Exchangers
DariusPiper10Rated K-12 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
ShashankPalla5Rated 4-6 openRidgewood School
RoopaliPalla3Rated k-3 OpenRidgewood School
AidanMalone5Rated 4-6 < 800Wickliffe
HughUmphres3Grade 3 Non-ratedThe Super Saturday Knights
HazelPinchback2Rated k-3 OpenDetroit City Chess Club
JoshuaKang4Rated 4-6 < 800Thunder Chess Academy
JaxsonAdkins6Grade 6 Non-ratedReading City Schools
MadisonGregory5Rated 4-6 openDetroit City Chess Club
CalvinTatum3Grade 3 Non-ratedJohnson Elementary
RashadHarris4Grade 4 Non-ratedSt. Cecilia
AyanNatarajan6Grade 6 Non-ratedRK Chess Gurukul
NidhishKarbhari5Rated 4-6 < 800RK Chess Gurukul
SamikSatapathy5Rated 4-6 < 800RK Chess Gurukul
EthanYuan6Rated K-12 OpenCCL
MatthewZhang4Rated 4-6 < 800Thunder Chess Academy
WilliamZhang6Rated 4-6 < 800Thunder Chess Academy
RyanZheng4Grade 4 Non-ratedCincinnati Classical Academy
SaharshBattagiri4Grade 4 non-ratedRK Chess Gurukul
MichaelFrangopoulos3Grade 3 Non-ratedThunder Chess Academy
KirkJones6Grade 6 Non-ratedReading Elementary
JeffreyHughes6Grade 6 Non-ratedReading Elementary