Introduction to Home Gardening

How to Plant a Victory Garden


Once potatoes start sprouting, cut them into pieces, let them dry overnight then place in potted soil. After about three weeks, transfer to planting bed. Harvest after the plant starts flowering. Each plant yields 10 potatoes!


Put your leftover head of lettuce in a bowl of water in a bright, sunny place. After a week you will have new lettuce leaves to harvest!


Harvest the seeds from a store-bought tomato. Dry on a paper towel overnight, then place in soil. Let the plants grow to about 4 inch height then transfer to planting bed. Tomatoes are easy to grow through the summer and have high yield!


Green Onions or Leeks

Reserve the bottom inch (root intact) of the scallion. Place root side into a small cup or bowl of water.  Within a few days you should see some growth and have new scallions to use in your recipes! Change the water every other day. They grow easily and abundantly!

Carrots, Turnips or Parsnips

You an easily regrow the greens of these delicious vegetables in water. Place the cut end in the water, leaving about half an inch above. In a week or so you will begin to sprout greens. Carrot greens are a delicious bitter green that can be used like many herbs. They go well in addition to basil in pesto or as a garnish onto salads or other dishes.

Romaine Lettuce

Keep the bottom few inches off of your Romaine. Place root side down in a mug and cover halfway with water. The new growth should be visible in only 24 hours! 


Leave the bottom 2 inches of your celery bunch and cover halfway with water. In about a week you will start to see bright little leaves. You can eat the leaves as you would an herb or plant the bunch into soil. If you are replanting it, what about a week or so after the leaves show before planting. 

For the best results, try to change the water every day or two and allow your plants to get some sunlight.