Recipes by Chef Jessica Saydah

Stocking Up The Smart Way

Produce that lasts:

Root vegetables – onions, sweet potato, hard squashes, potatoes. Store these in a cool dark place to keep them at their best. 
Citrus – refrigerate to extend their life. 
Cabbage – stays forever in the fridge, makes a great salad or addition to tacos or soups
Beets and Carrots – stick them in the fridge for a few months, shred raw into salads or roast for a side dish. 
Garlic – adds lots of flavor to most savory dishes. 

Fridge Flavor:

Condiments- stock up on what you like and grab some new things to add new flavors and variety to dishes made with the same items. A different vinaigrette can make all the difference in a salad. 
Fermented foods – sauerkraut, pickles – great for your gut!
Dairy – yogurt, hard cheeses and kefir last the longest when it comes to dairy.
Eggs – they may be hard to come by right now, but if you have them they last! And can add protein and flavor to the simplest dishes

Dry Goods:

Beans, pastas, grains and canned goods are all shelf stable and versatile.


Homemade soups freeze well, just leave a bit of extra space in the container. 
Bread – homemade or store bought
Frozen Veggies – greens cook really easily from frozen and pack a punch nutritionally
Green peas, broccoli, mixed